Interpon D Approved Applicator Program and Guarantees

Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings gives Approved Applicator status only to those applicators who have been assessed, and found to have metal pretreatment facilities, powder application equipment, stoving and testing faciliies which are considered to be of the appropriate standard to ensure the successful application of the interpon D Range of Architectural Powder Coatings. In addition to this, the applicator must demonstrate to the satisfaction of Akzo Nobel that a satisfactory quality management procedure is in place to achieve the quality and the continuity of quality, expected of Interpon D range coated metal. Akzo Nobel technical service team makes regular visits to the applicators to provide help, support and to audit the applicators.

All lnterpon D products are backed by an international project guarantee when applied by Akzo Nobel Approved Applicators. The term of the project guarantee are : 15 Years for lnterpon D1000 searies, 25 years for lnterpon D2000 series and 30 years for interpon D300O series.

D1000 series D2000 series D3000 series
Type Standard Durability Super / Ultra Durability Hyper Durability
Technologies TGIC Free Polyester Lead Free Advanced TGIC Free Polyester Lead Free Fluorocarbon Lead Free
Product Ranges Interpon D 1036 Interpon D 2525 Interpon D 3020 Fluoromax
Weathering Test - Florida 1 Year Florida Specifications 3-5 Year Florida Specifications 10 Year Florida Specifications
Specifications AAMA 2603 AAMA 2604-10 AAMA 2605-11
Qualicoat Class 1 Qualicoat Class 2 Qualicoat Class 3
GSB Standard GSB Master GSB Premium
EN 12206 (Formerly BS6496) EN 12206 (Formerly BS6496) EN 12206 (Formerly BS6496)
Recommended end use Non Critical Exterior Critical Exterior and Interior Applications Extreme Exterrior Environments
All Interior Applications Commercial Buildings Commercial and monumental buildings
Interpon D Project Guarantees 15 Years 25 Years 30 Years
Finishes Gloss, Satin, Matt, Texture Gloss, Satin, Matt, Texture Satin, Matt